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If you cannot keep calm and can go to any extent to satiate your Nirvana fandom madness, this In Utero tattoo is just what you need.

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Getting the album cover art of your favorite album produced by your favorite band could be a great way to express your fandom!

Many people are crazy about the music they listen to and can only think of new ways in which they can give vent to their madness. While posters, banners, stickers, and t-shirts are a great way to do the same, some fans like going overboard with body tattoos!

How often have you wished to obtain a Nirvana album art inked but couldn’t figure out which one to get? Well, of all the album arts of Nirvana, the one that appears remarkably striking is the one “In Utero.” You must be wondering what is so special about the album and its cover. Well, here is some information for you.

Kurt Cobain really did magic with this album. Not only is the music you will find in the album extremely strong in the pop landscape, but the artwork is unbelievably catchy! The artwork has a figure with its interiors exposed, like the one we have had in the Science laboratories of our school! If you have not been able to figure out which tattoo to get inked on your body, we have brought some freshly baked ideas, right out of the oven, for you!

Gorgeous In Utero Floral Tattoo

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This Nirvana tattoo design incorporates the use of the main element, which is the winged human body anatomy. You are going to love the use of vibrant colors in this tattoo. The figure has a teal-colored circle in the background. There are also some flowers that enhance the beauty of the tattoo.

This Nirvana tattoo is big in size; therefore, try getting this design imprinted on the bigger body parts, like your biceps, thigh, calves, etc. These placements will add glory to your In Utero tattoo. You can ask your artist to get experimental with the colors of the flowers; nevertheless, red poppies really match the theme of the tattoo.

In Utero Black And White Bicep Tattoo

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The design of the Nirvana In Utero tattoo is so wholesome in itself that it stands out even when it is done in black and white. This bicep Nirvana tattoo is magnificent to look at. The interplay of light and shade brought out in this tattoo is truly noteworthy.

Since it is a bicep tattoo, it has been kept slightly big in size. The best thing about this tattoo is that the intricacy of the artwork has not been tampered with. If you look closely, you will still be able to see the detailing inside the abdomen and the chest area. This tattoo can either stand alone or can be incorporated as a part of a larger tattoo.

Actual Replica Of Nirvana In Utero Tattoo

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Whoever has done this tattoo deserves a bow. Only highly skilled tattoo artists can deliver results like this. This looks like the exact replica of the artwork that has been used by Nirvana. You will love how the colors blend beautifully and melt into each other throughout the tattoo! The artist has maintained so much detailing that he has even brought out the raised parts of the body by adding a tinge of white to make them appear glossy.

This, again, is a large tattoo design. You can get this art on your calf, back, thigh or any other large body part, which will attract a lot of attention. Speaking of perfection, five bucks to anyone who finds any flaw with the tattoo. If you are planning to get a Nirvana temporary tattoo sticker, visit an authentic website and place your order!

Gory In Utero Body Trunk Bicep Tattoo

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This Nirvana tattoo only displays the body trunk, that is, till the waist region of the figure. This allows more room for a detailed representation of the detailing, which is the true essence of this artwork. The strokes look very intriguing and gory; nevertheless, this design will stick to your body like your priced possession that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Considering the fact that the tattoo is so huge, adding the wing becomes optional. You may or may not add any more elements to the tattoo. Nevertheless, if you are looking for something fuller, you can definitely go for the wings and also the words “In Utero” written below the design in gothic fonts.Make sure you only count on skilled tattoo artists for these artworks.

In Utero Blue Wings Tattoo

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This is much like any other transparent anatomical manikin In Utero tattoo, you will come across, the only difference being that the angel wings attached have been painted blue. You will love how the creative use of black and blue stands against your skin in this simple Nirvana tattoo. The tattoo artist must be commended for doing a really good job at maintaining just the accurate levels of brightness and contrast throughout the tattoo design, which enhances the texture of the tattoo.

This tattoo is not as massive as the ones that have been discussed before. It looks great on the portion towards the back of your arm. However, you can also try it on the reverse side of your arm or just above your ankle.

In Utero Black And White Stencil Tattoo

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Although large in shape, this Nirvana In Utero tattoo does not contain much detailing in terms of the artwork. Nevertheless, the shape and other major components have not been compromised. The simplistic design tattoo still looks very neat and elegant. If you are into minimalism, this outline tattoo will be an excellent choice for you!

Your arm is the best placement for this stencil tattoo. However, since colors have not been used, you might have some difficulty in identifying which part denotes what. Using solid colors to fill the tattoo will also not be a bad idea! Ask your tattoo artist to try filling some colors in the tattoo, and let the tattoo show its magic.

Nirvana In Utero And Poppy Large Back Tattoo

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You are going to fall in love with this tattoo the very moment you see it! The precision with which the details have been incorporated into this tattoo is incredible. This looks the best as a back tattoo; however, one can also use a smaller version of this tattoo to get inked on the bicep or the calf.

The artist who has made this tattoo has not used the full figure; but has used poppies, imparting a kind of feeling that the figure is half-immersed in flowers. The effort has been kept constant throughout the tattoo, which can be seen in the amount of detailed effort that has gone into the making of the angel wings.

In Utero Geometric Tattoo

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Although this tattoo uses the same structure, it is how the interior has been filled and designed that makes the difference. Different geometric shapes and patterns have been used to cover different parts of the body.

However, this might seem like the work of a tattoo artist who is a beginner in the field because the figure appears a little disproportionate. Nevertheless, this is a great tattoo to flaunt on your legs or your arm. You can encompass this in a quadrilateral and expand the tattoo by adding some more elements to it.Wear this Nirvana tattoo like a trophy on your skin!

In Utero Sternum Tattoo

101 Best In Utero Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind! - Outsons (10)

The sternum, or the place below your collar bones, could be an excellent place where you can show off tattoos like this. The best thing about the In Utero tattoo is that it fits almost everywhere! You only have to tweak the size a little, and you are good to go.

This In Utero tattoo replicates the figure that has been used in the album art. However, when you are getting a small tattoo done, make sure you ask your artist to pay attention to the detailing. There might be chances that the entire image turns out disproportionate in the attempt to make the image fit in a small area.

Nirvana Smiley Face In Utero Tattoo

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For anyone who would not have any idea about the In Utero artwork, this tattoo has figured out an alternative way. This tattoo has the In Utero artwork; only the head of the figure has been replaced by a sticker of the smiley face, which is the signature of Nirvana.

You are going to love how the tattoo artist has maintained ambiguity in using the light and shade in the figure. However, the face region is in total contrast to that. It is bright and incorporates the use of three colors in the gradient. The piece on which the smiley has been drawn is given a wooden texture. Overall, this design looks extremely wholesome and is one of the best tattoo ideas that one can resort to.

Hope this article gives you a good concept about how you can use the In Utero symbol in a tattoo and get it inked on your skin. This would be a fantastic way to show your love for the band, its music, its artwork, and so on. So when are you planning to get your own In Utero angel tattoo?

  • Nirvana Angel Silhouette Tattoo.
  • In Utero Winged Angel Against Geometric Symbols Tattoo.
  • Small In Utero Shoulder Tattoo.
  • In Utero Inside Tarot Card Tattoo.
  • Nirvana Winged Angel Outline Minimalist Tattoo.

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What is an in utero tattoo?

An in utero tattoo is when a pregnant woman has a permanent design or pattern tattooed on her abdomen while still pregnant. This can be done with the consent of the mother and is typically done by an experienced artist who specializes in this type of procedure.

How long does the in utero tattooing process take?

The in utero tattooing process usually takes several hours, depending on the size and complexity of the design. The artist will need to make multiple visits during this time frame in order to ensure that the design is done properly. Typically, each visit lasts for about two to three hours.

What are some of the most popular in utero tattoo designs?

Some of the most popular in utero tattoo designs include angels or fairies, animals such as cats or dogs, and even abstract geometric shapes. There are also many people who opt to have their baby’s name or initials tattooed onto their belly while they are still pregnant.

How much does an in utero tattoo cost?

The cost of an in utero tattoo can vary greatly depending on the complexity and size of the design. Generally, in utero tattoos range from $150 to $500, with some more intricate designs costing up to $1,000 or more.

101 Best In Utero Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind! - Outsons (12)

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