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Welcome to IGN's Guide for Deathloop. This page contains information on how to complete one of Deathloop's main leads, Afternoon Delight. You'll get this lead after completing Charlie's Space Invader lead and it will introduce you to another Visionary: Fia Zborowska.

Below, you'll find suggestions for gear worth equipping before you go through this map.


Recommended GearWhere to Get It
Spring Heeled TrinketFound in tunnels during The Longest Day
Shift SlabCharlie Montague in Updaam during Space Invader

You can jump to the following sections below, or scroll down for the start of this Deathloop Walkthrough.

  • Search Fia’s Fortress
  • Finding Fia
  • Find the Pictograms
  • Return to the Machine
  • Scout the Hideaway
  • Two Birds, One Shot

Search Fia’s Fortress

Video Walkthrough - Afternoon Delight

After discovering the Aesthetics Are Key document in the locked safe in The Yerhva, you’ll now have learned that four pictograms are needed to take on Charlie’s weird machine. However, each set of hints is randomized, so the pictograms needed are different with each playthrough. Below, under Find the Pictograms, you'll see each hint available and what pictogram it leads to in her bunker.

Thankfully, Fia’s Fortress isn't far away, either. It's located right next to her and Charlie's secret hideaway in Fristad Rock, so you won’t have to go far. You can only access her Fortress at noon, though.

Once you exit the tunnels, take a sharp right and head up to the cliffs. Use Shift to move up to the top, and continue moving forward until you see vehicles up ahead. You’ll see a guy in the distance playing guitar to an audience of one and a very large hangar door. You’re going to want to make your way to the very top of that door.

So, follow the big storage container on the left up and over the other vehicles on the ground. Then, use Shift to make your way across the other vehicle tops over to the right. At the final vehicle, you’ll notice a turret on the ground behind two Eternalists. Hack it with your Hackamajig and it’ll take care of them for you.

Then, head down the steps where the Eternalists were and through the door. This will take you into Fractured ImAge, or Fia’s Fortress.

Finding Fia

If you want to find Fia here to get her Havoc slab, she's located on the second floor near the control room above the reactor. There’s a sensor outside you can hack with your Hackamajig, then head inside the door on the right. In this first room, you’ll find the Always Prepared document. Then, head into the next room and you’ll find her roaming around the reactor controls.


If you’re quiet enough, you can sneak up behind her and take her down. She’ll drop the Havoc slab, three Sleek Weapon Trinkets, an Exemplar Personal Trinket, two Sleek Personal Trinkets, a Crude Personal Trinket, the MG-1 ‘Pepper Mill’, and +11500 Residuum. You can also find Fiz-Pop near the reactor controls, some Large Caliber Rounds, and a Turning the Screw document near the next door.

Killing Fia without causing the reactor to go off will also get you the Didn't See it Coming achievement.

(Video) Deathloop Gameplay Walkthrough - Afternoon Delight (How to Kill Fia)

If you open the next set of doors into her bedroom, you’ll find her Minicom system, which will have a Temporary Group Channel and a Private Channel between her and Charlie. You can also find some Residuum and Small Caliber Rounds on the shelves to the left and a Sleek Personal Trinket on the shelf by the Minicom.

Find the Pictograms

After coming down the stairs from outside, you’ll find yourself in a pretty massive bunker. To your left when you first come in, you’ll find an example of the art you’re going to be looking for. Each has the same color scheme, just different patterns.

If you head down the steps, you’ll find a Field Nullifier ahead of you, along with Shotgun Shells and an MG-1 ‘Pepper Mill’. Turn around and head back by the stairs, and you’ll find Nails and a Crude Weapon Trinket on a shelf to the left of them.

Now, head for the elevator shaft and drop down. Use Shift to help cushion your fall. Then, press R3 to kick down the wooden planks blocking the path ahead of you, which will now lead into Fia’s Fortress.

Below, you'll find a breakdown of each hint Fia gives, along with where the pictogram is located:

  • Marks Her Stage Exit
  • Adds Color to Tools and Schema
  • Wants for Power
  • Overshadowed by Her Shimmering Masterpiece
  • Enlivens the Lockers
  • Beneath the Wheeled Behemoth
  • Lubricates the Shaft
  • Tends the Main Hall
  • Ogles the Rear Entrance

Marks Her Stage Exit

This pictogram is located right behind the 'Forever Young' entrance in her bunker.

After dropping down the elevator shaft, you'll see two Eternalists ahead of you, along with a sensor on your left. Hack the sensor with your Hackamajig, then use Shift to climb on top of the vehicle ahead of you. From here, use Shift to stealthily take out the Eternalists around you. There are two more down the steps on the lower floor, along with two on the upper level heading down the hall. You’ll also need to hack the sensor on the second floor.


You can use Shift to move to the pipes near the ceiling, which will help you in taking out Eternalists.

Be quick taking these Eternalists down, though, as alerting anyone will cause Fia to set off the reactor inside Fractured ImAge and kill everyone on sight. You can also find Residuum by the front of the first vehicle you climbed on top of and in the second hangar bay from where you came in.

Once you’ve handled all of the Eternalists in this area, head down the hallway towards the doorway with ‘Forever Young’ on the front of it. Then, once you’re through the door, take an immediate right and you’ll find this pictogram on the wall behind you.

Adds Color to Tools and Schema

This pictogram is located in a room near the elevator shaft that's blocked by a sensor.

From the doorway leading towards her reactor, with 'Forever Young' above it, turn around and head back down the hallway. Go all the way back to the door blocked by the sensor. Hack it if you haven't already, then head inside. Here, you’ll find the pictogram on the wall to your right when you first come in, along with two Fiz-Pop containers, Nails, and Small Caliber Rounds on a table ahead of you.

There’s also a Battery Station in the back right corner, and a Deconstruction Orders recording next to some Nails and Reactor Schematics on the same wall, opposite side.

If you need to access the Wants for Power pictogram, take one of the empty batteries behind you and fill it at the Battery Station. Then, take it back outside to the area across from you.

Wants for Power

This pictogram is located in the locked storage area near the elevator shaft.

In order to unlock this area, you'll need a battery. Thankfully, you can find them in the room directly across from it with a sensor above the door. Fill the empty one at the Battery Station inside, then take it back to the locked storage area. Put it in the Battery Socket and push the button to open it. You’ll find some Residuum to your right, and the third pictogram will be on the back wall next to a Sleek Personal Trinket.


(Video) Deathloop Gameplay Walkthrough - Radio Silence (How to Kill Julianna)

Overshadowed by Her Shimmering Masterpiece

This pictogram is located behind Fia's reactor in the center of her fortress.

In order to reach this area, the best way is through the vents, which can be accessed in the storage room near the elevator shaft after unlocking it with a battery. If you need to find a battery, head into the room underneath the sensor across from here to find empty ones and a Battery Station where they can be filled.

After making your way through the vent from the unlocked storage room, push the button on the right side to stop the fans below. Then, use Shift to make your way down. Kick open the vent on the bottom here and slowly make your way straight ahead.

This area is crawling with Eternalists, so move carefully. Once you reach the end of this tunnel, you’ll see Fia’s reactor to the left. The pictogram you need is right behind it. So, use Shift or jump over the containers ahead of you to find it.

Enlivens the Lockers

This pictogram can be found in the second floor locker room.

From the main area leading up to Fia's Forever Young exhibit, take the stairs on the left up to the second level. Head through the first door on the left before the sensor, then jump through the windows of this next room to keep moving through the hangar.

Also, be wary that the door here is open, so move quickly. Head into the hallway across from the windows you came out of, hack the sensor, and take down the two Eternalisits chatting in the middle. You'll find this pictogram facing the entrance to the locker room.

Beneath the Wheeled Behemoth

This pictogram can be found underneath a vehicle near the elevator shaft.


From the main area leading up to Fia's Forever Young exhibit, head back towards the elevator shaft and storage room. There's a vehicle that two Eternalists were working on earlier, and if you drop down underneath it, you'll find this pictogram.

Lubricates the Shaft

This pictogram can be found in the elevator shaft.

From the main area leading up to Fia's Forever Young exhibit, head back towards the locked storage room and the area blocked by the sensor. At the end of this hall is the elevator shaft. If you head inside, you'll find this pictogram up on the left.

Tends the Main Hall

This pictogram can be found in the main hall leading up to Fia's Forever Young exhibit.

This is a very easy pictogram to find, as it's located up on the wall to your right in the main hallway.

Ogles the Rear Entrance

This pictogram can be found on the wall in an open hangar.

From the main area leading up to Fia's Forever Young exhibit, head up the stairs on the left and through the first door on the left before the sensor. Then, from this next room, break the glass to head into the hangar on the other side. The door will be open, though, so quickly move to the opposite side to close it. You'll then find this pictogram on the right wall.

Return to the Machine

With all of the pictograms in mind now, it’s time to return to Charlie’s machine in their secret hideaway. So, make your way back to the hidden bunker on Fristad Rock. Start by taking a sharp right after exiting the tunnels and climbing up the cliffside. Remember to use Shift to climb on top of the vehicles as you move down, avoiding the Eternalists on the ground.


(Video) Deathloop Gameplay Walkthrough - What Wenjies Want (How to Kill Wenjie)

Once you reach the shore, hug the left side until you reach the bunker with nine on the front of it. Head inside the door again and back to his funky machine. Now, take a look at the blueprints on the right side of the Cassettes. You’ll notice pictograms either drawn over or circled with a pointed arrow to different numbers.

Find the pictograms you discovered in Fia’s Fortress that are covered or pointing to a specific number, then punch in the Cassettes with the correct order you found the pictograms in. Once you have it, the doors ahead will unlock so you can investigate a little further. You can also find Residuum up the little stairway on the opposite side of this main room.

Scout the Hideaway

Head out to the elevator shaft and use Shift to make your way down, jumping between pipes and planks so as not to drop all the way. You’ll then find an open doorway leading to a locked door. Unfortunately, you can’t get in there right now, but that’s okay. Instead, head back out to the elevator shaft and keep moving down.

You’ll reach another hallway at the bottom, so head down it and you’ll come across a containment door that’s open slightly on the bottom. Crouch down and head through it. Here, you’ll find four very large pipes. It looks like flooding this place is a quick and easy way to take care of the two of them.

However, keep in mind that flooding this area means you won't get any of their Trinkets, Slabs, weapons, or Residuum. In order to get those, you can kill them on your own down here or kill them off separately. Charlie can be found in Updaam at noon, while Fia can be found in Fristad Rock at the same time. Follow our Space Invaderwalkthrough for more on Charlie and you can learn more about Fia in the Finding Fia section above.

Also, if you killed Fia earlier, Charlie won’t be here. However, if you didn’t, you’ll hear the two of them arguing on a floor above you. If they’re there, and you want the quicker killing option, you can proceed with flooding the place.

Use Shift to move up onto the platform on your right. Then, make your way up to the level that they’re on. Keep crouched, though, so they don’t see you. The area is also filled with lasermines, so use Shift to move past them and towards the stairs on the left.

Continue moving up and you’ll be near the control room you couldn’t access earlier. Follow the blue paint on the floor all the way around to the far control room. Here, you’ll have a lever you can pull that will start flooding the place. You can also find a Vopat Trencher weapon right next to it on the left. However, pulling the lever will also alert Charlie and Fia, so move quickly out of the window ahead of you and into the next control room over to the left.

Use your Hackamajig to unlock the door here and head out. Then, escape up and out of the elevator shaft using Shift before the entire place floods.


Killing both Fia and Charlie this way will get you the Violent Delights achievement.

Two Birds, One Shot

You now have everything you need to access Charlie and Fia’s romantic getaway… and kill them both.

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