Concentrix, DLF Building 14 Tower C 17th Floor, DLF Cyber City, फ़ोन +91 80074 70583 (2023)


Business Networking Company




22 जून 2021 17:36

Just wanted to share a quick feedback to your so called "employee concerned" company. I joined your company last month in gurgaon branch for Oceanx Social Media Management. However, right after my 1st day of training I was tested covid positive. My trainer told me not to continue and contact the Recruiter once you are well.
None of the HR even tried to contact me to ask if their employee is alright or no.
Still, none of them actually helped me to get my job back once I recovered. Your so called "employee concerned" image is just fake. You guys actually don't care for your employees. In this pandemic situation I lost my job just because I tested positive for covid.
Shame on you.



22 मई 2021 23:30

Concentrix has a very good working environment and they really support thier employees in every situation. Would always recommend this place.



16 मई 2021 3:37

Best BPO in respect of employee facilities and salary aspects. An MNC and giant of BPO industry with lots of carrier opportunities. Almost biggest International BPO in India in terms of headcount of employees. Also provide one side cab during Night shifts from 7 to 7 window.



21 मार्च 2020 20:22

The infrastructure of the cybercity is awesome. It is well managed and you won't get lost in such places as it is synchronised online and offline.



03 मार्च 2020 15:53

A great place to work it's like sarkari naukari.
Job security 100%. Come for the interview directly bldg 14 tower C. But interview process is too slow it's irritating. Needs improvement in hiring process.



24 फरवरी 2020 6:43

Concentrix Daksh is one of best organisation for people who want to start their career.

Employee have multiple options for their growth and learning.

Supportive staff and nice working place.



17 फरवरी 2020 0:01

This company is no so good in terms of salary less package. Cab facility not provided on both sides.



23 जनवरी 2019 19:55

One of my frnd went to concentrix. The candidate was selected and everything was ok but the candidate got refused only for Non-hiring zone i want to ask Concentrix company that why Nirman vihar, Gandhi nagar and few other places are in Non-Hiring zone. Is it candidate fault that there permanent home is at Nirman vihar or Gandhi nagar and that candidate is selected also for the company but he get refused only for Non - hiring zone reason is this really fair. Is this place is not part of Delhi. Every company should have hiring zone in all over Delhi. But why Concentrix don't have there are many candidate coming from Shashtri park, kailash nagar, nirman vihar but they get rejected by saying Non-Hiring zone. Please take some necessary action and work with your transport facilities to get an right opportunity for the right candidate



18 जनवरी 2019 18:28

Concentrix, a business services company, is a subsidiary ofSYNNEX Corporation (NYSE: SNX) since 2006. Its parent, SYNNEX sits at number 198 on the Fortune 500 listing. Concentrix is headquartered in Greenville, SC. Concentrix provides service in 10 industries: Automotive, Banking and Financial Services, Consumer Electronics, Energy and Public Sector, Healthcare Services, Insurance, Media and Communications, Retail and eCommerce, Technology, and Travel, Transportation and Tourism
Concentrix was founded in 1991, its heritage can be traced back to 1973 to its insurance administration businesssolutionsand services which were acquired in 2013 by Concentrix from IBM. Concentrix has grown through multiple acquisitions bringing on board eight companies since 2006. Two of the acquisitions that are especially notable include the IBM Worldwide Customer Care Services Business and the Minacs Group Pte.

On June 28,2018, ConvergysandSynnexannounced they have reached a definitive agreement in which SYNNEX would acquire Convergys for $2.43 billion in combined stock and cash, and integrate it withConcentrix.



02 नवंबर 2018 2:17

Nice workplace.salary always on time at the end of month cab shuttle cafeteria. Good infrastructure



22 अक्टूबर 2018 18:20

Worst management. No appraisal, they appraise maximum 5-7% yearly. They don't even value their employees.



09 अक्टूबर 2018 14:37

A great place to work! Onboard team is very enthusiastic, environment is very good, they really care for the employees. Also cafeteria section is really awesome. You cannot use smartphones, laptop and other accessories on production floor. Cyber city is nearest metro station. Though I cleared all the rounds of interview but I could not join Concentrix due to some personal reasons. And one more thing, they also provide transportation. Again a great place to work.



08 अक्टूबर 2018 9:39

##concentrix No 1 FRAUD COMPANY IN INDIA. I was selected in this company last month, for a non voice process and after getting offer letter they called me for the documentation. I went there and documentation done properly and they people told to come from tomorrow onwards for training, also temporary ICARD issued. BUT on the same evening, I received a message from a person (SAURABH CHAUHAN), he said your DOJ is revised and need not to come tomorrow. I made a call to my colleagues and they told me told me that they haven't received any message. Then I went next day to confirm and the assistant manager of my process (ABHISHEK) told that the current batch is already full and their training is going on & you have to come next week. After 1 week, I again went, MR SAURABH CHAUHAN was in their cabin. After talking to him, he said TUM HAMARE KISI KAM K NHI HO, HME AUR BACCHO KI REQUIREMENTS NHI H, JAO YHA SE, KHI OR INTERVIEW DEDO thn I said mere pas OFFER LETTER H, he replied that wo to sirf 1 formality h. Then i made a call to my HR (VARUN VASUDEVAN) he also said same. Then I did a mail to the director (VIKAS DUA) he said there are no requirements in your process, you can apply in other process and I applied for Amazon process but they rejected me in the first round.

Actually, I want to tell you that it's their trick to reject a person indirectly. There is no support in this company. I had left my previous job only because of this company and also relocated to Gurgaon and paid 10000 rs to pg.



03 अक्टूबर 2018 22:07

Beautiful infrastructure.
This building has many reputed company branches. Like concentrix, cvent, RBS and many more.



02 अक्टूबर 2018 21:43

Nice company for working professionals. About the building it has very well structured and beautifully designed.



25 सितंबर 2018 23:16

The only good thing about this company is the infrastructure and the rest things suck. Especially the HR's they do not even know how to talk to their emloyees. Sometimes they behave like an Illiterates most of the Female HR's have an ego problem they talk with the emloyees in a rude manner. The people who are sitting in the US and if they are reading my review need to hire new female HR's instead of these disgusting people. Bloody Illiterates



24 सितंबर 2018 15:29

I have worked here for more then 1.5 years and then left due to some reason. After joining other companies I must say Concentrix is the most Employees centric company who really thinks for their employees.
I will not say that they pay you a lot as their incentive scheme is just fixed to a very small payout.
Cafeteria and food for employees is good and hygenic as well.
Location of the company is the best and it can not be at a better location then the current one.



17 सितंबर 2018 2:07

Sit at home rather than joining this organisation, especially Amazon process. Aman Jaiswal, Vivek vasistha, Inderjeet Lohia and Rohini makes people life worst



13 सितंबर 2018 14:10

I’ve worked here and this place is awesome expect low salary. No Environmental issues. Cyber city phase 2 metro station is nearest metro station. You feel good here and so much Multi national companies here. Relax zone are also there where people smoke sutta. Parking is extremely awesome. Cyber hub is nearest attraction, this place never sleeps.



07 सितंबर 2018 10:58

Good company.however if you're looking for free meals, good package, both side cabs, employee friendly and a good transport service please avoid it.



05 सितंबर 2018 14:28

Best place to work and they value money.

Near phase 3 metro station

Has a small shri Om dhaba wherein you can get cigarettes and food



03 सितंबर 2018 16:18

Nice place to spent time cafeteria is really good with variety n tasty food. Building facilities are really good



01 सितंबर 2018 5:10

I could have given a negative rating If I have the option. I'm not gonna give a comment on the building becoz its superb. There are good actors in there, acting to be supportive but not really. Working in this company is like you have no life, you're a robot. Lets not talk about the salary package becoz you will not really survive if you have to support yourself and when you have no one to support you financially. When you're a fresher, you have to torture yourself working in the graveyard shift for 3-4 months. Apart from less package, you'll only get one side cab and no meal. Wouldn't recomend anyone.

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