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Life insurance is a fairly odd topic, no one likes to think about it, let alone talk about it, yet it can be an absolute lifesaver for your family. (wrong topic for a pun?)

Dead Happy life insurance review: is it any good? (2023) - Nuts About Money (1)

When you die, unfortunately it can be pretty expensive for your loved ones left behind, there’s still a mortgage to pay, funeral costs, and often a fair few other things. But let’s not go into that too much. Let’s talk about Dead Happy.

Dead Happy are turning life insurance on its head (nearly said grave then). They are making it easy to get life insurance cover, ‘really easy’ in fact.

There’s two key options to get life insurance with Dead Happy, the first, just a simple and easy application, and only takes a few minutes.

The other, which is rather unique, is to create a ‘Deathwish’, which is something you decide happens when you pass away. There’s a huge range of options like sending ashes into space, or you can create your own!

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Making a Deathwish

I’m sure you’re familiar with the term ‘death wish’ – normally assigned to someone doing dangerous things. Well, this is flipping that on it’s head and letting you set a final wish that will be executed after you die.

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How does insurance fit into this I hear you asking?

Well, your wish is converted into a financial amount and added onto your life insurance policy. So, your monthly payments cover the payout to fulfil your final wishes. Simple!

Here’s the type of thing you can do:

  • Send something into space
  • Release your ashes into space
  • Turn your ashes into a diamond
  • Get a bronze statue made
  • Send someone a monthly flower delivery
  • Buy someone a puppy
  • Fund a wake party
  • Pay for someone’s education
  • The list is quite literally endless..!

If none of the suggested ones take your fancy, or you have something unique in mind, you can simply create your own wish too.

It’s pretty awesome and a great way to leave your family something to remember you by that’s not just a load of cash!

Of course, you can still pay off your mortgage and leave a lump sum of cash too, or cash for a funeral and expenses, which is a pretty sensible thing to do.

How does it all work?

It’s rather simple really, after you’ve chosen your Deathwish(es), or opted to just go for ‘normal’ life insurance, you’ll be asked a few questions about yourself and your lifestyle – don’t fear! It only actually takes a few minutes.

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Note: Always be honest, otherwise your family might not get the money at the end (of you).

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After you’ve completed the questions on your lifestyle, you’ll then get the quote for your plan (the quote is the price). Each plan lasts for 10 years, and is refreshed each year, so it’s always 10 years.

But that doesn’t mean you’re signing up for 10 years – you’ll pay monthly and can cancel at any time (fee free), it’s just an insurance plan that is set for 10 years to make everything nice and simple and so you are not regularly answering lifestyle questions! You can simply set it and forget about it.

How much does it cost?

Unfortunately, not a straightforward answer. It’s completely bespoke to each individual, and depends on your age and lifestyle, plus more importantly what Deathwish(es) you choose and how much cash you’d like to leave your friends and family after you die.

Dead Happy life insurance review: is it any good? (2023) - Nuts About Money (5)

However, the great thing about Dead Happy is you can get a quote in a minutes! So if you’ve got time now, just head over to the Dead Happy website and get yourself a quick quote, you'll even get 3 months free if you enter "Nuts About Money" in the refer a friend box.

As a very rough figure, you are looking around £5 per month for a typical, healthy 30 year old.

Do bear in mind though, that the price could change every year, after 12 months, it’s not set for life. And more than likely will go up as you’ll get older.

The good news though, is it’s all pay monthly, there’s no long fixed contracts designed to tie you in for quite literally, life. You can leave whenever you choose too. Which means Dead Happy are extremely confident that you are getting an excellent price for your insurance, otherwise you’d just leave and go to someone cheaper.

Near Death Insurance

Wait, what the hell is near-death insurance? Well, it’s insurance to cover you if you come down with a ‘really nasty illness’, rather than death – that’s what Dead Happy call a serious illness like cancer, a heart attack or stroke and ​​multiple sclerosis.

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You might have heard the complicated industry word for a similar service called Critical Illness insurance, or Critical Illness cover. It’s effectively the same thing, it gives you some cash to help continue paying the bills as you’ll more than likely be unable to continue to work.

It’s actually quite cheap from Dead Happy. For a typical 30 year, non-smoker it’s only £3.23 per month for a payout of £100k.

However, it’s only an add-on to life insurance, so you’ll need to purchase life insurance first and not everyone will be eligible for near-death insurance – if you are, you’ll get the option when you are purchasing life insurance.

Customer service

In true modern company style, live chat (chatting on their website) plays an integral role in customer service – and that’s a good thing!

Dead Happy life insurance review: is it any good? (2023) - Nuts About Money (6)

You can speak to someone straight away, pretty much whenever you like, all over live chat. And they’ll answer any question you have. And if they’re offline, or simply if you just prefer, you can email too.

Better yet, there’s a great FAQ section with a lot of questions answered, plus jargon free guides, to learn all about life insurance before you get yourself covered – they’re not super boring like you might imagine with life insurance, they’re actually written in an easy to understand and informative way.

What else do you need to know?

👨 Age limit: You can only take out a new plan between 18 and 60 years old. And you’ll only be covered up to 70 years old (the plans last 10 years).

💰 Maximum payout: The maximum you can get as your payout is £350,000 for life insurance and £175,000 for Near Death insurance.

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❎ Cancelling: You can cancel anytime you like, there’s no fees to cancel either.

💸 Tax free: The payout is normally tax free too.

🤓 No jargon: just like Nuts About Money – there’s no financial jargon anywhere, everything is written in easy to understand simple language.

Dead Happy customer reviews

They say a lot of good things! In fact their Trustpilot score is an excellent 4.9/5, from over 1,800 customers. That’s impressive. Trustpilot is a site collecting reviews from real customers.

Dead Happy life insurance review: is it any good? (2023) - Nuts About Money (7)

The 5 star reviews are endless, our particular favourite is:

“What a great company ❤ very easy to use and no messing about! Very simple and great policies”

Our thoughts

We are big fans of companies looking to simplify things in finance, especially anything in insurance, and we think Dead Happy does exactly that for life insurance.

It’s incredibly easy to get a quote, all online, and super quick. Plus it has the optional extra of adding a Deathwish, which is a fun take on an incredibly sad topic, and hopefully encourages people to think about life insurance a bit more rather than endlessly putting it off, or never even thought about it at all – it really does help support your family if the worst should happen.

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Cost wise it is great too, and no fixed term contracts, just monthly rolling payments. It really couldn’t get any better. It’s five stars from us.

Is there a deal?

Yep! 🎉

If you’re ready to sign up and set yourself a cool Deathwish, like sending your ashes into space! Then get 3 months for free when you sign up and enter "Nuts About Money" in the refer a friend box. Full disclosure as always, we'll also get a small fee too, which helps us keep the lights on.


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