Top 10 Festivals In Northwest Indiana - Updated 2022 (2023)

1. Polish Heritage Festival - Michigan City [Last event in 2019]

The Polish Heritage Festival is held in Michigan City and offers you the opportunity to enjoy an afternoon of fun. All members of the group or family will surely have a great time at the festival. Savor delicious Polish cuisine, lively Polish songs, and traditional Polish dances. Also, check out the cultural tent which showcases some Polish art and culture. You can also relax in the beer garden and chat with your friends and make new ones. Overall, it offers a fun experience for everyone in the family.

Polish Heritage Festival - Michigan City

Address: Friendship Botanic Gardens 2055 E. US Hwy 12 Michigan city IN 46360 United States

Website: Polish Heritage Festival - Michigan City

Takes place: September

Price: 7 USD

2. Lubeznik Art Festival

Lubeznik Center for the Arts Lakefront Art Festival and La Porte County Historical Society Family Fun Day highlight our...

Posted by Laportecounty.Life onFriday, 15 August 2014

Lubeznik Art Festival provides an exciting and informative time for the entire family. Admire the fine art and craft exhibitions on display. The art festival is held at the Lubeznik Center for the Arts. There are contemporary art galleries, food, and activities that the whole family can participate in. The event serves as a means of connecting guests to the gallery of the center, and with their enthralling exhibitions.

Lubeznik Art Festival

Address: Lubeznik Center for the Arts, 101 W. 2nd St. Michigan City, Indiana (Midwest)

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Website: [Lubeznik Art Festival]

Takes place: August

Price: 5 USD

3. Aukiki River Festival

The Aukiki Festival brings to life the history and culture of the Kankakee region. This fest walks you down history lane on how life used to be for those that lived along the Aukiki River. Experience the culture of the people back in the mid-1970s to 1930s as you interact with several encampments. Aside from the campsites, you also get to enjoy historical musical entertainment, crafts from the kids, and food from the past. The festival also shows historical re-enactments and more.

Aukiki River Festival

Address: 1099 Baum’s Bridge Rd. Kouts, Indiana 46347

Website: Aukiki River Festival

Takes place: August

Price: 3 USD

4. Bacon Fest (Portage, Indiana) [Last event in 2019]

Bacon Fest is a Festival where all the local restaurant owners come out to Founders Square Park. They create a unique menu centered on bacon to promote their business’ food, chefs, and creativity. Every year, Bacon Fest grows and evolves! It has become one of the most famous festivals in Portage, Indiana! You’ll be opportune to enjoy numerous delicacies that revolve around bacon and some good music at this family-oriented event.

Bacon Fest (Portage, Indiana)

Address: Founders Square Park 6298 Central Ave Portage, IN 46368

Website: Bacon Fest

Takes place: September

Price: Free

5. Fall Harvest Festival

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Autumn is here!! And the Fall Harvest follows. It commemorates the local harvest with carnival rides, an arts and crafts fair, and lots of delicious fall treats. Established to promote fellowship, the Fall Festival is a town-wide celebration that showcases seasonal food, local arts, live music, and family-friendly activities. Thousands of people gather to enjoy the Harvest Fall Festival in different locations around the country with tidings of cooler temps and cozy coolers. It also comes with an influx of autumn-inspired events across the country, all dedicated to celebrating the season. So no matter which locale you choose, prepare to immerse yourself in local foods, traditions, and cultures.

Fall Harvest Festival

Address: Sunset Hill Farm County Park 775 Meridian Rd Valparaiso IN 46383 United States

Website: Fall Harvest Festival

Takes place: September

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Price: 5 USD

6. Hobart Lakefront Festival

Enjoy the peak of fun at this four-day event that features live entertainment, an arts and crafts area, children’s activities, and food vendors. Since 1993, Hobart Lakefront Festival has been known for its annual festival that features enjoyable and amusing fun-filled activities. It’s a perfect opportunity to meet the locals and tie new bonds. Zero security problems are guaranteed as there is security personnel available to make sure that you have a fun-filled fest.

Hobart Lakefront Festival

Address: Festival Park 111 E. Old Ridge Road Hobart, IN 46342

Website: Hobart Lakefront Festival

Takes place: August

Price: Free

7. Sunflower Festival

Top 10 Festivals In Northwest Indiana - Updated 2022 (1)

Sunflower Festival is a unique event that takes place every summer to celebrate the beautiful sunflower fields. Sunflowers are harvested every fall to press the seeds into cooking oil; however, they are a sight to behold while they are blooming. Oilseed sunflowers are not like ornamental sunflower varieties that bloom for three weeks or more. However, the sunflowers are beautiful, and you can’t help but smile and be happy when you see one! It also offers another unique opportunity for friends and family to create memories together. What better way than to enjoy a field full of beautiful blooming sunflowers for unique photo opportunities and stunning views?

Sunflower Festival

Address: Johnson’s Farm Produce 8960 East Ridge Road Hobart, Indiana 46342

Website: Sunflower Festival

Takes place: September

Price: 8 USD

8. Mexican Independence Parade & Fest

The Mexican Independence Parade and Festival fosters Mexican culture and unity. Aside from that, the event seeks to provide information on services available to the community members. It is also filled with families coming together to celebrate Mexican Independence, which is accompanied by the parade of the day. The annual ceremony celebrates El Grito de Dolores (The Cry of Dolores) and marks the start of the Mexican War of Independence that took place on September 16, 1810.

Mexican Independence Parade & Fest

Address: City of East Chicago E Columbus Drive East Chicago, IN 46312

Website: Mexican Independence Parade & Fest

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Takes place: September

Price: Free

9. Elvis Fantasy Fest

Top 10 Festivals In Northwest Indiana - Updated 2022 (2)

This event began in 1992, and it is the world’s best Elvis Tribute Artists (ETAs). You can compete for the prize money, and get the chance to represent Indiana at the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest held during Elvis Week in Memphis. Dinner is served by the Special Olympics. Elvis Presley’s life and career are brought back to life on stage as many fans will troop out en mass to witness and participate in one of the world’s most reputable tributes.

Elvis Fantasy Fest

Address: Woodland Park Community Center 2100 Willowcreek Road Portage, IN 46368 United States

Website: Elvis Fantasy Fest

Takes place: October

Price: 35 USD

10. Pierogi Fest, Whiting

Top 10 Festivals In Northwest Indiana - Updated 2022 (3)

Think Pierogi Fest, think glamorous food festival. Pierogi Fest, the pride of Whiting, is an opportunity for the residents to celebrate their heritage while poking a little fun at themselves at the same time. Besides lots of pierogi and an array of food vendors, you’ll find a one of a kind parade featuring women dressed in housecoats and babushkas like grandmothers, alongside with it are many other fascinating scenes. It will also feature an exciting mix of food that is made with ethnic extravaganza. There is an eating contest that you won’t want to miss. This fest promises to have a mix of music and people, to make it a story to share.

Pierogi Fest, Whiting

Address: 1417 119th St, Whiting, IN 46394, United States

Website: Pierogi Fest, Whiting

Takes place: July

Price: Free

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Enjoy loads of fun festival in Northwest Indiana

With a rich history and culture, you will find loads of fun things to do in Northwest Indiana. There are several family-friendly attractions here, and you will run out of time before you run out of things to do. Northwest Indiana offers an excellent blend of fun and education with its several attractions. Plan your visit to Northwest Indiana and enjoy several of the exciting festivals available.

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